2022 Budget Meeting will be Nov 4, 2021 via Video Conference www.River-Plantation.com/BudgetMeeting to attend

Hello.  Some homeowners have asked about how the budget process has been done in the past to understand the changes this year.  

  Last years budget was created with line items in expenses that included “negative expense” which makes the total spend look much smaller than it really is.   The bottom line listed on the 2021 budget that was sent to each homeowner in the mail showed a total spending of $435,065 for all categories combined.  But in reality, it was well over $700K.  See the approved 2021 Budget as mailed out HERE.

  How does this happen?   If you look at the “Total Grounds Maintenance” group that was presented, at a quick glance you will think the Board is spending $201,754 which is about $83,000 LESS than the year before.  This is completely misleading as the true spending proposed is $529,700 which is really an INCREASE from the prior year of well over $200K!   These “Carry Over” and “Reserves Used” should be shown AFTER you add the spend to give people better transparency of what the Board Plans to do. 

Lastly, the Board last year only had one meeting regarding any Budgeting at all.  At this meeting, no homeowners were given the opportunity to even ask a question prior to the Board approval of the +$700K in spending or understand the large vague line items including $100K for “General Maintenance”, $80K for Landscape Entranceway, $50K in irrigation repairs, etc.   Let’s improve this together.    See last year’s meeting here: