This is the change that many people have requested.  We will begin with Argus on Oct 1, 2021.  

This page will have FAQ’s that will continue to be added to help communicate items for the change.  

  1. What about my payments for dues?  Yes, after October 1, all dues have to be sent to Argus.  New payment coupons will be mailed to each homeowner. Any payment that was received before Oct 1 should be sent to Sentry Management, however, at this point just wait to get your new payment coupon in the mail soon.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE FEES DURING THE TRANSITION NOR WILL ANY ACCOUNT BE CONSIDERED “IN DEFAULT” FOR ANY PURPOSE INCLUDING ELECTION CANDIDATES.  We will contact any resident that we did not receive a payment from to ensure they received notice.


  2.  Will there be a new portal for documents?  YES, of course.  You will be given login information.   If you have been into the current portal with Sentry, you may have been frustrated with finding the document you were looking for.   Things like meeting minutes and vendors had multiple folders and things were often not uploaded to the proper folder. Therefore, it will take us some time when Argus gets the documents from Sentry for us to look at each one and properly organize. 


  3. Just like our transition to a new landscaper and irrigation company, there will be minor bumps in the road.  While patience is easier from some than others, we kindly ask that we all equally join together as a community to embrace this change the Board has committed to for a better experience here at River Plantation.  Your volunteer Board members are working around the clock with this transition and fully expect everything to take a couple of months to iron out.