2022 FISCAL YEAR BUDGET MEETING WILL BE NOVEMBER 4, 7pm Video Conference - info at www.River-Plantation.com/BudgetMeeting


 Hello Homeowners!   We have created a short video on the 2022 Budget process and what you can expect for your convivence.   Here are a few significant points:

1) The first 2022 Budget planning meeting will be September 9th at 7pm.  This will include an informal presentation on the budget process, the known line-items currently contracted for next year and a question and answer session for residents.  Residents can also email us any questions or suggestions to budget@river-plantation.com.

2) The next time the Budget will be discussed is at the September 15th 7pm Board meeting.  Homeowners will be presented with a refined list of expenses and more details and will each have time to comment on the items.

3) The final meeting will occur at the officially published 2022 Budget Meeting on November 4th, 7pm.  At this meeting,  Homeowners will be again given the opportunity to comment before the Board goes into discussion and final approval of the 2022 Budget.

To see how this new process contrasts with last year, please see the www.river-plantation.com/2021budget page for how it was done in 2020.

If you have any questions about the process, please email budget@river-plantation.com