Individuals reserving the Clubhouse must agree to and submit this Clubhouse Usage Agreement to rent the Facilities.

  1. The Clubhouse ,which does not include the pool area, will be available for rental by residents.
  2. The pool area is NOT part of the rental and may not be used to extend the clubhouse to include outdoors.
  3. Clubhouse indoor furniture must remain in the clubhouse.
  4. Rentals may begin as early as 7:00 am and must terminate by 11:30 PM or Alarms may be triggered at midnight.
  5. Except for the temporary use of birthday cake candles, No candles, incense or use of other flame is permitted . Birthday candles must be extinguished in water after removing from cake.
  6. Rentals will not be allowed on holidays or holiday weekends*(Special circumstances will be considered)
  7. All persons using the Clubhouse must do so at their own risk.
  8. Any person reserving the Clubhouse must be present at the function during the entire period of the reservation.
  9. Wet swimsuits are not allowed inside the Clubhouse at any time.
  10. All exterior doors and windows must be closed whenever the air conditioning is in use.
  11. All equipment, furnishings, and property of the Homeowners’ Association shall be found in the same condition after use of the Facilities.
  12. It is the responsibility of any resident using the Facilities to remove food or other perishable items from the Clubhouse. (Use dumpster in parking area)
  13. No pets shall be allowed at any time in the Clubhouse.
  14. Rental of the Clubhouse for commercial or profit-making motives is prohibited.
  15. There is NO smoking allowed inside the Clubhouse.
  16. Please respect all walls and surface areas of the Clubhouse as you would your own home.
  17. Do not use tape, pushpins, etc. on walls.
  18. The Clubhouse, Facilities, and parking lot must be cleaned prior to leaving the premises. Cleaning supplies, mop, brooms etc. are stored in the rest room. Please wipe all surfaces, tables, and chairs; sweep and mop the entire floor area; clean the bathroom; remove all trash to the dumpster – including the trash receptacle located in the bathroom; replace all trash bags; put away tables and chairs.  All must be completed, and the Facility locked up securely, including all windows and doors, by midnight of the rental day.

You as the person reserving the clubhouse room are responsible for cleaning and damages that have been causedFailure to clean the room and/or damage to the facility will result with cleaning or repair fees charged to your HOA account at Sentry Management.  If you are a renter these fees will be collected from you and failure to collect will result in theses costs being charged to the owner of the property you lease and loss of future facility use.

And the most important rule of all… Have Fun!!!