Welcome to the Architecture Request information page!  We are here to help you through the process.  Architecture approvals include things such as painting (even same color), fences, all landscaping, driveway extensions, accessory structures, pools just to name a few.  When you moved in, you noticed that the homes were similar in decor and your neighbor did not have a 6′ solid white fence dividing you.  To keep the community up to the standards we started, the Architecture Control Committee (currently the Board of Directors) reviews and approves all external alterations to your lot. 

Our goal is a final approval within 30 day, however, incomplete applications such as the lack of shingle specifics, paint color brand, name and code, brick paver type, etc. can delay your application as we seek clarification.

The process is simple! 

Download this form here, fill it out (make SURE it is complete with signatures!) and either US Mail it to River Plantation Homeowners Association Inc.
C/O Associa Gulf Coast
101 Paramount Drive Suite 102, Sarasota, FL 34232
 or email it to along with site survey (mortgage survey fine), and supporting required details.

Once your application is received by Associa Management, it is entered into our ARC review system. You will receive an email notifying you .  Each member will review the application based upon the HOA guidelines.  At our scheduled monthly Architectural meeting, and the approval is granted, You will receive an email approval with conditions (if any)


Yes, all tree and plant removal of any kind is automatically approved, however a written request is still required using the form above.

At this time, the Board is not approving any new sheds or structures outside of a screened in lanai until a clear policy has been adopted.  

Yes!  On the application, you must show a site plan drawing including the dimensions of the existing home/lanai, the expansion and the lot lines including all dimensions.  It is best to use a site survey as a starting point. 

Any exterior painting requires a formal written request… even if you are repainting the same color. 

The Board is currently working to adopt a color palette for new paint in our community.  Until then, all requests MUST include the company color name and code number (Example: Sherwin Williams color: Deer Valley Code: SW 7720) for consideration.

Yes!  Fences can either be white or black.  If you are continuing off your neighbors home, it is best to follow the same color.  Wooden and privacy fences are not allowed.  WHEN SUBMITTING A FENCE REQUEST, IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE A SITE SURVEY DRAWING WITH ALL MEASUREMENTS!  Also, it is necessary to have manufacture make, model, color and photo of the fence to be installed 

Fence Guidelines can be downloaded HERE


Yes, standard 18″ satellite dishes are acceptable.  Antennas must be installed inside the attic.

2 car wide driveways can be expanded given there is enough lot line clearance on both sides.   Please submit application with site survey drawing including all details including block type and measurements.