Are you a Renter or Landlord in River Plantation?

Welcome to River Plantation.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: If I purchase a home in the community, is there any restrictions about renting it out?
A: Yes.  These restrictions are listed in Article VI, Section 36 of the governing documents.   Here is a link for the specific section:  RPHOA Leasing Rules.

Q: Is there any requirements when renting my home out?
A: Yes.  If you are renting your home out, the Application for Lease must be signed by the Tenant and Homeowner (or legal representative) and submitted with the $200.00 application fee and a copy of the signed lease.   If this is not completed, the application fee and potential HOA violation fees ($100/day up to $1,000 by Florida Law) will be assessed to the property.  In addition, the Tenant will not have access to the community amenities.  Please use the Application for Lease under the HOA Forms at:

Q: Do the Renters have access to the amenities?
A: Yes!  The signed application agreeing to abide to the rules along with the signed lease are sufficient to grant access.   If the Tenant needs a key fob to the pool and restrooms, it can be purchased for $25.  If the landlord or prior tenant give them a fob, it simply needs to be turned on.   PLEASE NOTE: your key fob works for the duration of your lease.  Upon each renewal, a new copy of your lease needs to be submitted to to extend your access (no $200 fee for renewals).   

Q: Who is responsible for property HOA violations.  
A: Ultimately, the homeowner is always responsible for violations.   Should the home receive a violation for aesthetics, landscaping, nuisance, or any rule, both the homeowner and tenant will receive the notice, however it is the reponsibility of the landlord to cure the violation.  If any fines are assessed, it will be placed on the homeowner’s account and collected in accordance with Florida laws from the homeowner.  In addition, a violation notice that is ignored can prohibit a tenant from using the amenities until it is resolved.

Q: Can a Renter have pets?
A: Yes!  However, as will all rules, the Renter must follow the governing documents as to the quantity and breed.   Please see all the governing documents at: