Information about paying Dues

Welcome to River Plantation.  The dues from Jan 1 2023 forward are $259.00 per Quarter.  If you are unsure of your outstanding balance, please check your account online at or email


There are three basic ways to pay your dues:

1) The easiest way is to set your dues up on “autopay”.  The management company will automatically deduct your dues from your checking or savings account each quarter.  There is no surcharges and it is easy to do.   Simply return this completed form with a blank voided check.   DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

2) Every homeowner will receive a coupon book sent by US Mail to the designated address on file annually.  You may use the coupons to mail in a paper check to the address provided.   There is no surcharge for this.  If you do not receive a coupon book, please contact our management company to ensure your mailing address is correct at  
You may send you payment directly to the lockbox to this address (PLEASE include your full address and account number on check)

River Plantation HOA
C/O Associa Gulf Coast Clearwater
PO Box 527425
Miami FL 33152

3) You may pay your dues on the portal.  Not only can you pay your dues here, you can also see your current balance and community announcements.  You need your account number and pin to set up your login for the first time.  If you need help, please send an email to     Below is what the portal looks like.   It is very easy to “Check my payments” and make a payment.