Homeowners Irrigation Testing Hours are Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm

Irrigation in River Plantation

                   NOTE: All pumps and zones are operational.  Please note that the rain sensors are now in place and will turn off the pumps for a period of time after rain.   We are working on improving the system, so sometimes it will be on despite the rain for maintenance work.  If you see something that appears to be a problem, please report to manager@River-Plantation.com

So, if the rain sensors are functioning, why might the pumps be on after a storm?  Answer: We have three wells that pump water to our community in a loop.  If only one well is on, you will get water.  Each well has it’s own sensor.  Since there have been complaints from residents about the wells off hours after a rain, we have reduced the sensitivity to ensure water flow when necessary.  This leads occasionally where one or two wells may still run.   We will continue to monitor the settings as our residents are not used to the wells ever being shut off.  If you are concerned, please add a ticket to the Portal.  

New residents are often pleased when they learn that the HOA provides the water for their irrigation saving them a lot of money that would normally be charged by using county water.  This is provided using funds paid for in your HOA dues.  There is a fairly complex system including 3 large wells to distribute the water to not only each home, but also our common areas. 

Our water usage as a community is governed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SFWMD – often said as “Swift Mud”).  They determine how many gallons we can use as a community and monitor the usage with the meters on the wells.   Therefore, we have instituted a irrigation schedule where homeowners can water each zone per the governing documents on their scheduled day.  Each home should have a “tag” glued down at the curb in front of their home which gives the range of time to run the cycle.  Additional watering puts our community in jeopardy of sanctions from SFWMD and therefore residents can be fined for excessive watering.  If you are unsure of your watering time, contact the management company.

If you are conducting a landscaping project or installing a new lawn, please email our management company and request additional watering.  You will be given an exemption for the period of time for you new plantings.  

As of August 1, 2022, The Board of Directors have terminated the contract with Truscape and started using Fieldstone.  The first agenda item is to get the irrigation working in the common areas so we can plant new beautiful flowers and bushes to make our community amazing!  With that, you may experience intermittent outages and low pressure as they are working to fix valves, pipes, zones, etc.   While the outages will normally be during the day, sometimes it may be later.  The status will always be at the top of this page!  We appreciate your understanding while we fix the system for years of reliable usage.

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